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Meet the Positive Platoon!!

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Who are you Kidding ?

You've already met your Negative Army and unfortunately they do a great job of holding you back and influencing all your thoughts, I’m sure you can hear them saying …………………

You can’t do that Who are you kidding, your no good at that What will people think if you do that and so on …………….

Well let’s fight back!

Positive Thoughts

Meet the Positive Platoon and imagine they are firmly ensconced at the front of your brain, positivity flags at full mast!

Close your eyes and imagine the positive characters in the Platoon and the negative characters in the Army, they could be made up characters or people who you admire, friends, family, cartoons even. Feel free to give them names or scribble a character down on paper. It does often help to draw a diagram, however basic.

Now identify their current roles:

Who’s in charge? Who’s holding back progress? Whose voice isn’t being heard? Who’s the most negative? Who has the great ideas? Who ‘s positive? Who wouldn’t you like in the positive platoon? Who would you like to remove?

Demote the negative characters and banish them to another battle field .Identify and line up your Positive Platoon, those key characters who you want to stand side by side with to fight your corner.

Self Belief

Now,the next time you feel the negative Army advancing, bring the Positive Platoon characters to the fore , put them in the driving seat, believe in their ability to win the battle and see how many battles you start winning, you will be surprised!!

Believe in yourself and the power of positivity !!

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