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All the P's...... Posits,Paint & Priorities

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

OK, so I’m talking about lists and post its again!

Anyone would think I was obsessed with planning & organisation!

As I discussed previously I’m in the planning stages of jkcoaching, so I’ve got plans coming out of my ears, which I’m not going to bore you with again.

Anyway a few days ago my desk looked like this ................................

A sea of post its and certainly no prioritising or organisation.

So, I could have just sat there looking at them, hoping they would magically organise themselves, which don’t get me wrong, I did sit there for a few mins willing them to do just that …………. but then reality kicked in and I thought,I need to do something constructive.

So, I discovered an old cork board I had stashed away, looking very sad and uninspiring, not really a thing of beauty to hang on my new office wall, so armed with black board &, gold paint and tape. I set about marking out some sections and allowed my creative side to take over. Within half an hour & some drying time I had a very funky looking memo board and costing very little to do! Well I think its funky anyway!

Using a chalk pen I sectioned it into 3 down one side, identifying the

· 2 business commitments I have and included life admin in there too.

· Priorities for the coming week,

· priorities for the current day and an ideas section.

This then allowed me to place me posits in the relevant sections and move about with ease.

Wow..... what a revelation, I could see the week ahead and by placing the posits in the sections gave me a great overview of my priorities and freed my mind to focus on the task in hand for that day and allowed for some ideas time.

Result, my post its were well and truly organised!!

I get great satisfaction when I remove a post it and scrunch it up ……. job done!!

Also, another little tip, if like me you’re still using a paper diary, and yes, I can hear your eyes rolling !! but I’m a bit old fashioned like that, when your scheduling in appointments, use highlighters to distinguish between your commitments, for example I use;

· Yellow to identify my coaching appointments

· Pink to identify personal arrangements

· Green to identify networking

You can then see at a glance what’s coming up for you and hopefully keep you on track for the week.

When life & business is busy it really does help to create a way to keep organised. This will help with focus, productivity , creativity and pretty much stop you from going just a little bit mad! Being creative however simple can also ease stress and calm the mind and give you a break from your current challenges.

Now I’m sure you have your own ways of creating a planning visual or keeping organised so I would love to see or hear your ideas?

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