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Coaching is an investment in yourself or your business. It really can change your life.

It allows you to reach your true potential and become the best version of yourself.


By working with me, you are paying for EIA coaching expertise, 20 years of business experience, 50 years of life experience and my commitment to invest time and belief in you.

I believe everyone should be able to access coaching and therefore deliberately keep my rates at a reasonable cost.

Individual Life, Personal & Career Coaching Session

Sessions can be booked on an individual session basis, however, to achieve truly sustainable change more than I session is generally required, this of course is entirely your choice. 

 All clients who embark on a coaching package  will receive a personalized  jkcoaching file to record your coaching journey and other useful free resources 

 Please see all the coaching packages available 

Payment Terms

For 1 stand-alone coaching session & session summary  

£75 per 60 min session

jkcoaching Standalone & Power sessions will be payable immediately upon receipt of the invoice after the session.

jkcoaching packages 50%  payable in advance by BACS please,

balance to be paid in full after the first 2 completed sessions.

Monthly payment options are available.

Business Charity status 



To discuss your individual requirements and a day rate please get in touch.

I can work with your employees on an individual or group basis.

There are business grants available to subsidize coaching,  so be sure to explore all possibilities available to you.


  I also provide coaching workshops for small business networks.

To book a 30 min complimentary discovery zoom call,

please feel free to use my on-line calendar below.

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