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Battling the negative army......

I wake up most mornings with negative thoughts vying for my attention. They battle their way to the front of my brain like the charge of the light brigade and sometimes I find it hard to charge back at them. So, I've created a little 5-point battle plan of my own to beat that Negative Army........

1. As soon as I wake, I have a stretch and a yawn then jump out of bed, or in my case creak and groan out of bed!! The longer I lie there the stronger the negative army will get.

2. I start with a routine, making my bed, having breakfast and cramming in my 5 min yoga app , if of course you have time ! It doesn’t matter how much or little time you have in the morning, it’s important to focus on a routine. I promise your day will go much smoother. If it helps, organise your lunch/clothes/lists the night before. It will all help to battle the negative army.

3. Have a plan/list for the day, it doesn’t have to be a grand plan, if it’s just a plan to chill and catch up on box sets then it’s a plan and it will help you focus on what you want to achieve for the day.

4. If I can I get some fresh air and exercise, even if it’s just sticking your head out the back door and breathing in some fresh air and listening to the sounds, it all helps clear my mind and make that negative army retreat further.

5. And finally, I know we all have to check emails/social media etc., but refrain from getting sucked in to reading all the new posts and certainly don’t think you have to be trying everything that’s being raved about……. take a deep breath, look at what’s relevant for you and park the rest.

Don’t be afraid to go into battle and charge at that negative army, your stronger and smarter than them. The smarter your tactics the less they will challenge you to a battle!! Let’s beat the negative army and focus on the positive platoon !!

If you want to find out more about the Positive Platoon feel free to read my next blog post for a little bit of inspiration!!

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