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Blinded by the light !!

Managing a change process in any organisation can be a daunting prospect for all involved. As we know, there’s all sorts of emotions to deal with. Everyone travels the “acceptance of change” journey at different speeds and with different hurdles to jump both personally and professionally.

I’ve manged many a change process within an organisation, with positive results, so why couldn’t I see it when I was going through my own change process??

I’ve recently been balancing my full time role with building a new business and juggling a very busy life to boot, and safe to say, my brain was in overload and I was spinning that many plates there were none left in the cupboard!

For those that know me, you know I like to be organised, so I have short & long term plans, social media plans/ networking plans, daily to do lists and it goes on. While this all felt right and was helping me move forward with my planning and networking I still had this feeling that I couldn’t shake. Feelings of excitement, apprehension, anxiety and the “am I doing enough feeling “

My head was defiantly about to explode, until I started to unpick everything I had been doing over the last few months during my Peer to Peer coaching sessions. Then “BING” with the right questioning & listening from my coach, I had that light bulb moment ………….

I was going through my own change process and it was perfectly OK to be feeling all those emotions, because my brain was trying to make sense of the major changes in my life. I hadn't thought about how as individuals we cope and deal with change and challenges.

As a coach myself, you would expect to be able to see this in yourself,but I was so close to these changes that I couldn’t see what it was and I certainly wasn’t allowing myself to go with them and travel “the acceptance of change" journey!

Phew……………. I thought I was having a melt down!! Without the coaching sessions, I’m not sure I would have figured out what was going on and I may have ended up down the “ "Meltdown“path, frustrated, anxious and worn out!!

Change for everyone is massive and should never be underestimated. Its OK to allow yourself to experience various emotions and travel your own change timeline.

If you can just take a little bit of time to understand what’s happening then you will travel the journey with a little more empathy with yourself and when you have that “Light bulb moment” I guarantee you will be ready for the new challenges ahead!!

So if your experiencing any kind of challenge or change either business or personal, create a safe space to unpick the challenge and find a way through it, while also being kind to yourself!

Its ok to seek support to navigate change, dont be the one having the "meltdown"!

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