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Small Business Coaching 

Do you encourage a coaching culture within your business? 


"What is a coaching culture?" I hear you ask?


Here are some key factors which would indicate a coaching culture:


  • When coaching happens both formally and informally within an organization. 

  • When the top level of the business has fully bought into the idea of coaching, and understands its value.

  • When coaching is both respected and expected.

  • When managers are trained in coaching skills to improve performance management.

  • When managers are trained to give useful developmental feedback alongside positive motivational feedback.

  • When all employees improve their performance in a positive way.

  • When there is increased empowerment and responsibility for all employees.



You don't need to be a huge organization to adopt coaching. If you're a small business with only a couple of employees, exploring coaching will help you to improve your performance, and in turn, drive your business to new heights. 


Why not group together with other small local businesses? I can provide tailor-made coaching workshops and arrange the venue too. This is also a great opportunity for networking and brainstorming ideas.


If you're a sole trader and just want to explore where to go next with your business, I can support you with that too.


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