Vision Board Workshop

(For a group of 4 friends/ colleagues etc, please email to book a date of your choice.)

What are the benefits of a vision board

(sometimes called a goal board or dream board)?

How will one help you achieve the future and success you want?

Here are 5 reasons to create a vision board. 

1Vision boards make you think about what it is you really want.

  • Creating a vision board forces you to take the time to sit and REALLY think about what it is you want from life.

  • I’m sure you think about the things you want a lot, but do you really focus on them?

  • Do you document them anywhere outside of your head?

  • A vision board forces you to go beyond casual thinking and focus on your goals and aspirations.


2. Vision boards help you get unstuck.

  • Our lives are so congested and overflowing. We wake up, we work, and we have our chores.

  • We have limited flexibility in our daily environments and can become almost robotic over time.

  • This is one of the major reasons that most people feel stuck in life.

  • They are exhausted and overworked. They have lost touch with their creative side.

  • Does this sound like you?

  • A vision board is an effective way to unstick yourself.

  • Get out of your overly programmed brain and let your creative juices flow.

3. Vision boards provide you with a daily visual reminder of your dreams and goals.

  • The reason that vision boards work so great is that you visually see them every day.

  • Visualization is one of the most popular and effective mind workouts that you can do.

  • When you see something that inspires you on a daily basis, you stay on track.

  • Even when you face setbacks, that vision board will still be there ready to motivate you all over again.


4. Vision boards will get you all fired up emotionally.

  • Seeing your vision board will help you passionately connect with your goals.

  • It can help you notice opportunities or simply make you imagine what something may feel like.

  • If you get fired up and passionate about something, it will spur you into action.

5. Vision boards are fun.

  • A vision board is a fun, risk-free, and stress-free way to unload your deepest, rawest morsels of inspiration without scrutinizing them.

  • You don’t have to organize, analyze, or beautify your board. Just have fun and put it together. Change it up. Do what feels right to you.

  • It doesn’t have to be organized or pretty. It just has to inspire you.

What's Included  1-1 Vision Board days are available at a cost of £145.00 pp

£ 75.00 pp for a group of 4 

If you would like the opportunity to create your vision for the future, have your thinking and assumptions challenged, to enable you to truly explore and plan your future. Then a vision board workshop at jkcoaching HQ in rural North Yorkshire is for you.


The vision Board workshop is for a maximum of 4 Participants, 

1-1 Vision Board days are available at a cost of £145.00.

This includes 

  • All Materials 

  • You will receive a questionnaire via email ahead of the day to encourage you to do some pre-thinking about what you would like your future to look like.

  • Completed canvas Vision board to take away.

  • The next steps document a clear vision for your future and clear actions to take away to get you started on your journey. 

  • Coaching support.

  • Renewed inspiration, confidence and self-belief.  

  • Refreshments & light lunch.

Schedule for the day 

10.00 am -  Arrival & refreshments. 

10.30 am-   Explore dreams for your future & pre-workshop document. 

11 am -        Start your vision board.

12.30 pm -  Break for light lunch.

1.15 pm -     Continue creating a vision board.

2.30 pm -    Record the next steps for taking 1 small action every day towards your goals/dreams.

4.00 pm-     leave for home with the tools to realize your goals & dreams.


1% of all sales each month are donated to Investors In Community 

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