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Busy Brains & Brain Dumps!

Updated: May 24, 2019

So here I am, taking the plunge and writing my first blog post for jkcoaching.

There will defiantly be some ramblings at times and going off on tangents, but I do hope they can offer some light relief and maybe even inspiration in a life that’s already cram packed with busyness!!

I thought I would start with the brain dump idea, and no it’s not about literally dumping your brain because you want new one!! Its more about getting all those rambling thoughts and ideas out in the moment,which are swirling around vying for your attention, just in case you might lose them!

Our brains contain so much information and are constantly coming up with ideas,thoughts, dilemmas,should I do this? why don’t I do that? what would happen if I did that and so it goes on ………….

So,we need to capture all these thoughts before we lose them.I did exactly this while on the train the other day. My head was buzzing with ideas which started stressing me out, because I just wanted to get on with all of them,so I got my phone out and just typed them all into notes as they came to me.

I didn’t worry about the order or what they looked like,I just typed them in, no punctuation and no spell check (which for anyone that knows me, is an essential tool for my non-spelling capabilities)the relief once I had captured them in my notes was instant. My brain started to settle. I knew had the ideas safely stored until I had time to do something about them.

It was like instant therapy which then allowed me to enjoy my journey and carry on reading my great Psychologies magazine in peace.

Just use anything that comes to hand to write it all down, there are some lovely notebooks out there for just this occasion. Or just create a word document and type as you think. I’ve created a brain dump template, so please feel free to use if it would work for you. Don’t feel restricted by anything, it’s your brain dump, just let go.

A quick brain dump may be all you need now and again. But if you want to take it one step further you could priorities your brain dump content.

When you’re ready Look at the list

Is there anything on the list that you can’t control?
If so cross it out – take a deep breath and let it go for now.
Identify the items which are really bothering you – circle them and try and pick an action for each one to do, when convenient to you.

E.g. Make that dentist appointment /, buy milk, get out for a walk, brainstorm business/holiday ideas, start a new club/activity, call mum, set up meeting with school, apply for that new job, have that difficult conversation, spend more time with the kids/family etc

If you want your brain to be calm, it needs to know you are listening!

Your action doesn’t have to be big, it can be the smallest step you could take, but commit to yourself and do it as soon as you can. And remember your action could also be just to

“Let go “

Now check in with yourself, how busy is your mind out of 10? __________/10

Once your mind busy-ness score is 2 (or less) out of 10, wonderful!

Take a deep breath. Be thankful for all these great thoughts. Take one more look at your actions and breath.

If your mind busyness score is 3 or above out of 10, ask yourself?
“What haven’t I written yet that needs to be seen, felt or heard?”

Then just keep brain dumping until your done. Keep going until your score is 2 or less.

Once you feel a sense of calm in your mind, congratulate yourself for pausing and taking the time to calm it.

Well done you for taking the time to be kind to yourself it really does make a difference!

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