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2 Day Reset Coaching Retreat 

Coaching is a powerful experience and will change your life, if your prepared to take action.

Imagine if you were able to have uninterrupted "you time" to reflect, reassess and reset your thinking, to  follow your dreams and create a clear path for the future. Well now you can.

jkcoaching are offering 1 and 2 day coaching retreats in a relaxed and stylish setting within  beautiful rural North Yorkshire. 

Whats includeed 

Day 1 - 10.00 arrival & refreshemts and aquanited with romm and facikities 


11.00 am - 2 hour reflection & coaching session 


1 pm -  healthy lunch -

1.45 pm - Re energise with a 45 min rural walk 

2.30pm 90 min coachimg session 

 4pm - time to rleax 

6pm helathy dinner - provideed 

Day 2 

9 am breakfast 

9.45 am - 30 min re energise walk 

10.30 - 12.30 - reset coaching session 

12.30 light lunch 

1.30 pm- Round up session 

3pm - Goodbyes and safe joirny home 

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