FREE Sounding Board Program for Small Charities

(with less than 10 employees)

In collaboration with Lyn Page from New Page 


Booking for program 2 commences February 2021-First session 29th April 10.30 am-12.30 pm 

Email today for further information and to secure your FREE place. 

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"Supporting charities to think strategically and maximize impact" 

A 1-year virtual program of 4 quarterly 2 hour FREE sessions, via zoom, for up to 3 charities per program. With 2 experienced coaches and experts in business & the 3rd sector.

Our aim is to help you to create, revisit, increase your skills in topic such as:

1.Budgeting and forecasting

2.Business planning


4.Increasing numbers of volunteers

5.Identifying skills gaps

6.Marketing & Social media

By creating a collaborative space for you to access resources and ideas you might not normally be able to.

Why do we want to help you?

Both Lyn Page & I have a personal desire to support Charities to navigate the current challenges, not only to survive but to thrive.

Optional extra tailored support at reduced Charity rates as follows,

•1-1 coaching with either Lyn or Jo - £55.00 per hour

2 hours tailored workshop with 1 coach -£150 flat fee

•2 hours tailored workshop with 2 coaches -£250 flat fee

If charities wish to share the workshops the flat fee can be split equally between the charities e.g.

 3 charities for 2 hours tailored workshop with 2 coaches = £ 100 per charity




What do the Charities say? 

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