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FREE Sounding Board Program for Small Charities
In collaboration with Lyn Page from New Page 

Booking for program 3 commences February 2022-First session 26th April 10.30 am-12.30 pm 
Email today for further information and to secure your FREE place. 

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"Supporting charities to think strategically and maximize impact" 

A 1-year virtual program of 4 quarterly 2 hour FREE sessions, via zoom, for up to 3 charities per program. With 2 experienced coaches and experts in business & the 3rd sector.

Our aim is to help you to create, revisit, increase your skills in topic such as:

1.Budgeting and forecasting

2.Business planning


4.Increasing numbers of volunteers

5.Identifying skills gaps

6.Marketing & Social media

By creating a collaborative space for you to access resources and ideas you might not normally be able to.

Why do we want to help you?

Both Lyn Page & I have a personal desire to support Charities to navigate the current challenges, not only to survive but to thrive.

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Optional extra tailored support at reduced Charity rates as follows,

•1-1 coaching with either Lyn or Jo - £55.00 per hour

2 hours tailored workshop with 1 coach -£150 flat fee

•2 hours tailored workshop with 2 coaches -£250 flat fee

If charities wish to share the workshops the flat fee can be split equally between the charities e.g.

 3 charities for 2 hours tailored workshop with 2 coaches = £ 100 per charity




What do the Charities say? 


" it has been really helpful to talk about our struggles and what is going well.

It gives you an outsider view and a great support network.

It's hosted in small groups for tailored support, to help you to recognize what you need to do to improve and can bounce ideas off each other"

Peter Robertshaw Founder

Hope In Community 

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"It’s been brilliant working with Jo and Lyn on their Free Charity Support programme.

(What an offer!)

Jo and Lyn bring the perfect blend of skills and are really friendly whilst still holding you to account.

Don’t miss out!"

Max May CEO Rural Arts

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