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Coaching Clinic- £25.00 per session

1st Wednesday in every month starting January 6th, 2021, 4 x sessions available per day.


My belief is, if everyone had access to a coach, we would all be more in touch with who we are, what we want for ourselves and from life, and in turn, create a happier world to live in.

As a person who thrives on supporting others, giving back where I can, and being very mindful of the social and economic challenges we find ourselves in as a human race, I am pleased to be launching the coaching clinic for 6 months to support you too,

  • Reflect on what has passed?

  • Where you would like to go?

  • What can "YOU" do to get there? 

However, this will not be offered at the usual rates but at the reduced post covid price of, 

£25.00 per session.

So what's included,

  • 60 min coaching session, where it's all about you! 

  • Session summary post-session, to support you on your onward journey of self-development 

  • The confidence & the tools to step out of your comfort zone and reach for the stars 

  • 10% discount on all jkcoaching packages if you decide to continue your journey.

*Only 1 coaching clinic session per person can be booked within the 6 month period, to ensure I can reach as many people as possible with support. 

So if you have the desire to move forward with your life and want to make 2021 the year of,

  • New dreams & Goals 

  • New opportunities

  • New beginnings

Book your session now.

I am really looking forward to meeting you.

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    25 British pounds
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