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Lets look at the evidence..........

So, its Monday again and maybe like me your planning on making some changes to your life or setting some goals, and when I say goals it doesn’t have to be anything major.

it can be the small stuff like;

· Just getting out of bed every morning and having a routine

· Making time for you

· Getting to school on time to collect the kids!

· Meal planning for the week

or it could be the big stuff like;

· how to break out and get that dream job

· take up that exciting new sport or hobby

· Embarking on a major physical challenge

It’s easy to start with good intentions and even easier to stop and think it’s just too hard! and you know what, sometimes it is hard and we want to give up before we’ve started.

But maybe while thinking about those new goals and intentions we should also look at what we already have in place to support these changes we want to make.

So make a cup of tea and get a piece of paper;

Write down your goal – whatever it may be, here's my goal for the week..........................


· Reduce mid-week visits to the supermarket

· Menu plan for the week

· Save money on food shopping

Then write down all the things you may already have in place which can support this new goal

Evidence of success;

· Already like cooking

· Already using go to easy recipes

· Can clearly see basket total when on- line shopping

· Already plan’s weekend meals

· Already makes lists for other tasks

Then think about and plan your next steps to help you achieve the goal

Next steps;

· Take ½ hour once a week to menu plan for Mon- Fri & make shopping list

· Write the menu plan down for easy reference

· Plan easy & quick recipes

· Start using Tesco on-line again & book 1 delivery per week

· Use on-line shopping tool to keep within budget

Keep your note easily accessible , stuck to the fridge is a pretty good place and refer to it to keep you on track.

Remember, it can just be small steps. Make sure its achievable, be kind to yourself and don’t over commit. The idea is to work towards the goal to achieve your ideal outcome, not to take giant leaps then it becomes over whelming!!

By writing goals down, it creates evidence of all the good stuff you already have in place and will give you clarity on your next steps. But most of all it will demonstrate to yourself all the positive actions you’ve already taken and in turn give you motivation & inspiration to keep going.

I use a session summery to capture my clients coaching sessions and summery of next steps, feel free to download and use this template if it will be useful to you.

Good luck and remember …….

These are your goals, tweak/change them and never feel constrained by them. They are just here as a reminder and focus for which ever path you want to take next.

This sums it up perfectly !!

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