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Exciting new 2021 Sounding Board Program for SME's

In collaboration with Lyn Page from New Page 

Booking for 2021 commences 1st February  - email today for further information and to secure your place. 

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"Creating a supportive and collaborative environment for SMEs to enable them to  maximize their opportunities and income." 

A 1-year virtual program of 4 x 2-hour sessions, via zoom, for up to 4 SME per program. With 2 experienced business coaches and mentors.

Our aim is to help you to create, revisit, increase your skills in topics such as:

1.Budgeting and forecasting

2.Business planning

3.Customer Engagement 


5.Managing Teams 

6.Marketing and Social media

By creating a collaborative space with like-minded businesses experiencing similar challenges, in an environment that gives you access to ideas and resources you may not normally be able to afford.

Why do we want to help you?

Both Lyn Page and I have a personal desire to support SMEs in 2021 to navigate the current challenges, not only to survive but to thrive in business and make their dreams a reality.

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What's included & Cost 

  • 2 experienced business coaches and mentors/planning resources 

  • 4 x 2-hour virtual zoom group sessions for 1 year to cover the following suggested topics. However this list is not exhaustive and we will be flexible depending on demand for any particular topic,

1.Budgeting and forecasting

2.Business planning

3.Customer Engagement 


5.Managing Teams 

6.Marketing and Social media

2021 offer

£375.00 per SME = £31.25 over 10 months =£46.85 per hour. 

Payment options - 2 equal installments  =£187.5000 per installment. 

Optional Extras 

•1-1 coaching with either Lyn or Jo - £75.00 per hour

2 hours tailored workshop with 1 coach -£175 flat fee

•2 hours tailored workshop with 2 coaches -£350 flat fee



Image by Fab Lentz

"I have been a member of Lyn’s Success Club for over two years and really value the time out of a busy work schedule to stand back and take stock of what I have achieved and where to turn my attention next. 

Lyn’s input is invaluable in teaching skills such as managing time and people, organizing,
analyzing, and a host of other useful information. Furthermore, she acts as a pilot helping to keep me on track and focused. As a group, we learn from each other, bounce ideas, benefit from each other's mistakes and successes, and pick each other up not just in the meetings but in between as well."

Libby Clapham, Massage and Wellbeing

"I have been working with Jo Thackwray of JK Coaching for the past 7 months, having never worked with a Coach previously I honestly can’t recommend her services highly enough. Being the owner of a small recruitment business, 2020 has been somewhat of a challenging year. In February 2020, I acquired a 100% shareholding of the company from my former business partner and three weeks later the company was in lockdown! 

The sessions with Jo have enabled me to articulate my ideas, goals, projects, and problems, and then her coaching allows me to make a decisive action plan to stick to. In the sessions, I often weigh up the pros and cons of my ideas and how my decisions might affect those around me. I always finish a session with a clear and definite plan and vision for the short, medium, and longer-term. I find that having a monthly coaching session with Jo also makes me feel a sense of accountability and I look forward to telling her about the progress that I have made sense our last session.. I would encourage anybody in business to try a few sessions to see how it can potentially benefit them individually, and their business. The coaching sessions have definitely benefitted me massively through a difficult year."

James Brown  |  Managing Director

ATS Recruitment 

"I have been working with Lyn for several months now. I don't know who this version of me is but I have made a profound shift in the way I approach life.  As the founder of a high-growth startup, she has helped me navigate the roller coaster of emotions that come with entrepreneurship. Lynn doesn't help you solve one specific problem or make you feel better for a week. She actually transforms you.  She plants seeds that germinate into ideas and frameworks.  She is the most influential person in my professional life and I am eternally grateful for her presence."

Nirish Mathias 

Founder and CEO


What the SME's say.... 

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